ISO 22000 Food Safety System(HACCP)

Eben Consultants provides ISO22000 Food Safety system(HACCP) consulting services.

What is ISO 22000 Food Safety System(HACCP)?

Food safety is gaining a lot of attention lately with a rising concern of avian flu, mad cow disease, food poisoning and sabotage. With the advancement in the technology and transportation, companies could now market to virtually all parts of the world, there is a thus growing need for an international food safety Management system to be in place for every serious food company.

What does the ISO 22000 standards cover ?

7 HACCP principles & ISO 9001 quality system.

Before implementation of ISO 22000 food safety system(HACCP) After implementation of ISO 22000 food safety system(HACCP)

Note the improvement after implementation of the food safety system

Benefits of ISO 22000 / HACCP systems:

  • Increase Sales and Customer Confidence
  • Reduce Customer’s Complaints
  • Save cost , Prevent food poisoning
  • Enhance Regulatory Confidence
  • Strengthen Company Quality Image
  • Improve Export Opportunity
  • Internal Process Improvement
  • Achieve Business Excellence/Improvements

What one F&B firm says about the ISO 22000 / HACCP System

“Our production staff is now more aware of personal hygiene and take special efforts to ensure that hand washing procedures are followed conscientiously. Eben helped us to establish a safe premise for production.’”– Managing Director of a Local Chinese Sausage Manufacturer