EduTrust – A Quality Award Scheme for PEI

What is the EduTrust scheme for PEI?

The EduTrust Award Scheme is voluntary and administered by the Council for Private Education (CPE) for Private Education Institutes (PEIs). It is a prerequisite for PEIs that enroll international students and is stipulated by the ICA to issue Student Passes.

EduTrust aims to raise the current standards of PEIs so as to achieve the vision of Singapore being an education hub through the following six criteria:

Criterion 1 – Management Commitment and Responsibilities (50 points)

Criterion 2 – Corporate Governance and Administration (180 points)

Criterion 3 – External Recruitment Agents (120 points) (If Applicable)

Criterion 4 – Student Protection and Support Services (210 points)

Criterion 5 – Academic Processes and Assessment of Students (350 points)

Criterion 6 – Quality Assurance Monitoring and Results (90 points)

Benefits of EduTrust Award

  • Listed on CPE website
  • Management System ensures Good Corporate Governance
  • Fulfill prerequisite to enroll International Students holding student pass
  • Achieve Business Excellence