Course Duration: (8.5h) 7 hour classroom lesson & 1.5 hour assessment

Who to attend: All Food Handlers (i.e. Personnel who are involved in the handling and preparation of food and beverages)

Course Objective: At the end of the training course, participants will be able to
1.    Identify and execute good & bad personal & food hygiene practice
2.    Demonstrate understanding of the Important of Food Safety & Food Hygiene, the Types of hazards, i.e. Biological,
___Chemical & Physical
3.    Adopt Good Personal Hygiene practice via Standard Attire, support and participate in daily personal hygiene check.
4.    Assist in maintaining the Company’s Hygiene System and overall Good Food Hygiene Practice.


1.    Importance of Food Safety and Personal / Food
2.    Types of Food Hygiene hazards, i.e. Biological, Chemical & Physical
3.    Good Personal & Food Hygiene practice, business continuity & anti sabotage – 12 areas of concern including Food
inspection, security of raw material, pre empts short fall in supply, break down and power disruption
4.    Causes of poor Personal & Food hygiene
5.    Effective human barrier and hand washing procedure

  • Importance of hand washing in ensuring food hygiene
  • Proper Hand Washing Methods
  • Demonstration & Participation
  • Viral Outbreaks Control: SARS / Bird Flu

6.    Activity One
Show proper hand-washing video & photographs of bad practice / condition, then split into a few groups and brainstorm on how to improve.


1.     Good Food Hygiene Practice
a.    Incoming materials Inspection, In-process inspection
b.    Food Storage & Temperature Control
c.    Temperature control of chillers, freezers & storage condition
d.    Food spoilage disposition
e.    Product display shelves, counters & Table tops ( especially for eateries )
e.    Lighting, Floors, Walls, Doors, Ceilings
f.    Staff changing room & hand washing facilities
g.    Pest Control

2.    Activity Two
Show video & photographs of bad practice / condition, then split into a few groups and brainstorm on how to improve. Brainstorming Session on Significance & impact of bad personal & food hygiene


1.     NEA Grading System for Food Hygiene
2.    Assessment