Course Outline For Workplace Safety & Health Training

Course Duration: (40h) 12 hour classroom lesson & 28 hour Assignments

Who to attend: All Staff

Course Objective: At the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  1. Increase staff safety awareness to meet MOM regulation and to eliminate the workplace accidents.
  2. Encourage a balanced healthy lifestyle among employees
  3. Perform internal audit


1. Planning for Hazard Identification, Risk-assessment and Risk control

2. Legal and Other Requirements

3. OHSAS Management program & Objectives

4. Emergency Preparedness and Response

5. Assignment 1


1. Performance Measurement & Monitoring

2. Records and Records Management

3. Planning of Fire Drills, Fire Fighting & First Aid Planning of Fire Drills

4. Assignment 2


1. Internal Audit Training

2. Hands On Activity 1 – Planning an internal audit

3. Hands On Activity 2 – Preparing Audit Checklists

4. Internal Audit Role Play

5. Assignment 3