Course Outline for Menu Engineering

Course Duration: (40h) 12 hour course & 28 hours Assignments

Who to attend : Kitchen Managers, Supervisors & Staff in-charge of Menu Planning & Designing

Course Objective: At the end of the training course, participants will be able to:

  1. Optimize the appeal of a menu through design and market study.
  2. Tabulate data and calculate the profitability of the dishes and its contribution to the total revenue using Menu Engineering methodology.
  3. Assist the management in evaluating both current and future menu pricing, content, and design decisions.


1. Understanding Menu Engineering

2. Steps in Menu Engineering (Part 1)

3. Steps in Menu Engineering (Part 2)

4. Assignment 1


1. Analysis of Menu Worksheet Data

2. Taking Appropriate Decision Actions

3. Assignment 2


1. New Menu Item Development

2. Menu Planning

3. Menu Design

4. Feedback

5. Assignment 3