Before and after the job redesign project

Many organisations have benefited from our guidance in the Job Redesign ( JRD ) programme and the wide range of skill training courses offered by us.

Eben was awarded ATO (Approved Training Organisation) status by WDA in 2007.

What is Job Redesign:

To re-design a more pleasant and less strenuous workplace environment by introducing mechanization, process simplification & flexi-work arrangement.

What does Job Redesign cover?

  1. Job Enrichment :    To introduce responsibilities/additional tasks into a job.
  2. Job Enlargement :  Various simplified tasks are merged to form a single task with an extended range of work.
  3. Human Resource Management & Revamp of Recruitment Policy
  4. Wage Restructuring
  5. Improving Productivity, Welfare and Work Environment


  • Use of automation & equipment to make the work less strenuous for workers
  • Redesign the nature of work to make it more accessible
  • Improve staff performance by implementing the Performance-Based Wage system.
  • Develop a more systematic recruitment policy
  • Enhance staff productivity by conducting skill training courses
  • Improve staff welfare & enjoy flexible working hour arrangement
  • Achieve greater business excellence/improvements