Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

HACCP verification activities

What is HACCP?

HACCP is a scientific, rational, systematic Food Safety Management tool to identify, control and monitor potential hazards at the various stages of food processing.

There were 707 (Based on MOH 2007 statistics) Food Poisoning cases in Singapore in 2006 ! This is about 60 cases per month or 2 cases per day. Of course many cases are not reported due to embarrassment. It could happen to your customer.

There is a growing concern with food hygiene among consumers. Consumers are now more health conscious and more willing to pay more for safer food.

“The HACCP project has been a great success. Our food handlers are now more aware of Food Hygiene and the possible hazards: Biological, Physical and Chemical …”

Director of a Beancurd Manufacturer

Benefits of the HACCP system

  • Increase Sales
  • Prevent Food Poisoning
  • Reduce Customer’s Complaints
  • Enhance Consumer’s Confidence
  • Strengthen Company’s Quality Image
  • Enhance Company’s Competitive Edge
  • Improve Export Opportunity
  • Reduce Legal Liability Exposure
  • Achieve Business Excellence/Improvements

“We want to thank Eben Consultants for their perseverance in the project despite several challenges faced. We believe the HACCP certification will place us on equal footing with our competitors.”

Managing Director of a Fishball Manufacturer

HALAL Certification

Eben Consultants will provide a simple step-by-step guide in obtaining HALAL license from MUIS, inclusive of submission of all application documents & requirements of the Halal Quality Management System.

Benefits of HALAL:

  • Enhanced Export Opportunity to Countries like Middle East , Europe and USA .
  • Greater Confidence to Muslim Consumer
  • Achieve Business Excellence/Improvements

Factory License and Layout (for new food company relocation)

Eben Consultants, food license / AVA license consultants, will provide simple step-by-step guide in obtaining Food license / Factory license from AVA, inclusive of Documentation & Submission of Layout Plan , Process Flow Diagram, HACCP plan and all necessary requirements.