What is Business Excellence (BE)?

Business Excellence is a disciplined approach to addressing key customer and operational requirements, built around cycles of learning and innovation.

The 7 dimensions of the Business Excellence framework are:

  • Visionary Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Effective Information
  • Engaging People
  • Improving Processes
  • Customer Focus
  • Sustaining Results

Business Excellence starts with a comprehensive business review to systematically identify the strengths of your business. Next, with guidance from Eben, sieve out the areas for improvements and embark on programmes to overcome these set backs.

Why do companies need Business Excellence?

The Business Excellence framework helps my company to :

  • Have a better alignment of work with organisation’s directions / goals
  • Stay ahead of our competition
  • Increase Stakeholders’ satisfaction

Through the Business Excellence framework, my company will be able to measure our business health and identify critical problems. We could then plan strategic steps to overcome any internal or external barriers in order to ensure our survival and success.

What can I gain from it ?

  • A Structured & more Holistic Approach
  • Increased Sales & Profit Margin
  • Improved Organisational Effectiveness
  • Identified Areas for Improvements
  • Adding Values to my Customers
  • Better Service Quality
  • Higher Employee Satisfaction & Productivity

Organizations with Business Excellence (BE) enjoy higher margins and returns. A Business Excellence organization strategically migrates business up the value chain by:

  1. Reducing Cycle Time and Continually Increasing Quality
  2. Adopting Innovation, Technology and International Systems
  3. Improving Customer & Employee Satisfaction.

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